March 10, 2014



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This is a small city of living beauty as a result of unique artists and stylish
personas living and loving this part of Singapore. Clean White and curvy
elements takes on the architectural aesthetics, very easy to walk as you
watch those forms create comfortable yet inspiring moods.
I walked for hours marveling at the picturesque. Time flies by so melodiously
and cars drives by in a laid back manner. Streets that had once been lined
with ancient wooden houses accented with bamboos were now tasteful
with concrete and paint and modernity.

I totally got attached to tiong bahru, a town in the corner of Singapore
where art filled boutiques, modish cafés, avant garde bookstores exist.
Walk. Stroll. Skip. Reminisce. Time flies by. A smile on your face.




Photos by Lina Shigemitsu


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