April 18, 2014



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This is one of my favorite place in this sleepless town. Biotop cafe is a mixed cultured paradise
with a nursery, cafe, boutique, garden, cubby-house all existing under one roof.
It’s one of those nature-conscious, green-loving intercultural hub which is located in the central part of Tokyo –
in Shirokanedai, a quiet and classy area filled with residential buildings and backstreet boutiques. You can’t
walk pass biotop without noticing.. it greets you with a warm welcoming effect of fresh flowers and nature –
the nursery on ground floor. As you take the steps to the next level, you are already at the entrance of the
cafe with the feel of a cozy tree-house nestled on the second floor of this remarkable building in Shirokanedai.
Then on the third floor, you meet the seductive fashion boutique decorated in an elegant yet hip manner –
one of the design brand you will engage here isThaddeus O’neill, who is also a writer, photographer,
a New Yorker, and a graduate in doctor’s degree in philosophy, for your information.

Boutique level has the access to the cubby-house which is an isolated part of this place, yet one of my favourite-
only because it takes some travel to climb up there and once you are up there, although this place inhibits the
city’s geographical and psychological centre, this cubby-house is suffused by a dreamy sense of detachment,
as though this elevated house is an island hidden to find itself lost in the vast ocean of Tokyo around it.




Photography by Lina Shigemitsu


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